Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Bonanza Shop

Now that I've found I have more time on my hands
than I thought I would normally have during the holiday season,
I've decided I'm going to do some
new pieces especially for my
CMZ Art Bonanza Shop.

The shops there operate a bit different than they do on
and for some reason...
I do like this little shop.

I just haven't had enough 'new' stuff to put in it...
(It started out as my 1000 Markets Shop)
and then I could separate Rustic Goth and CMZ Art
which was my original intention.
Since I can't really do that anymore..
I want to remove all of the Rustic Goth items
and make it exclusively
CMZ Art.

I'm looking forward to it...because I think it
will be fun to do some new art for this shop.

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