Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've painted a few egg Ornaments.

I've painted Egg Ornaments since 1993. husband started painting them...he knew me
well enough to know that if he started doing them
and they were 'well received'
then I would 'jump in' and do my part.

So..we took our eggs to a Holiday Show...they did very well...
and we painted them every season from '93 through 2003.

Every season since '03, I've had a few people who wanted to know
if I was going to do any eggs....and I always said 'no'.

It was one of those things my husband and I did together ... and I really
didn't want to do them on my own.
Problem husband had blown, sterilized and base painted
about six dozen eggs that have just been taking up space in my closet.
A few of them even had subject matter on them.

So...the girls and I discussed doing what was left
and offering them at the shows...
we decided not to do anymore shows this year...
I had already put the 'word' out that I would
be doing them..
at least for this year...

so...there you have it...
I'm doing a 'limited' number of egg ornaments...
wish I could get better photos though.

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