Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm A Little Bit 'Funny'...part 2

I read every one of my followers blogs...
unless it has a 'warning' on it...
I tend to not go into anything that 'warns' me that I
might be 'offended' if I enter.

I'm sure I've probably written an offensive
post or two..
but I do hope that...
for the most part...
I'm not offending anyone.

What I have discovered lately
is how many of my favorites haven't posted anything
in weeks or months.

To this I can only say...
I feel bad that I don't get the opportunity
to know more about you.
Perhaps you are a 'private' person
and don't want to reveal too much...
that's okay...it's certainly up to you.

A lot of times...it's just fun to go through
the pics of your arts...crafts...likes and dislikes...
little snippets of your life..

I know my daughter has said...
"I don't have many followers...and I'm not sure
anyone is reading my blog but you...
and I don't get many comments."

She is one that hasn't blogged
and she really does have so much
to 'reveal'... if she weren't so
worried about spelling...or
'sounding stupid'...
(though in her 'defense'...she's one of
the busiest people I know...a lot of times she's busier
than I am!)

One of the many times that my husband
was in the hospital,
during his last year...
we were having a hard time answering
some of the questions about
the 'particulars' of previous
So..I went to the waiting room...pulled up
our art group blog...
and answered everyone of the questions
that had been asked.

I had just started blogging...and felt the need
to keep our collectors up to date
on what was going on...
especially since he was also an artist
with the group.

I've found that I blog as much for me,
as I do for anyone who might want to read
what I write.
With everything that goes on in life..
it's so easy to 'forget'
the "who's..what's...when's..
why's and where's"
that happen.
So..I blog:)


The Words Crafter said...

I agree-it's therapeutic. And, thank God for red squiggly lines! Spelling- computers ruined me and I often catch myself spelling like I text-I have my own language! You have like a gazillion followers, I'm impressed you can keep up with them all. When I go back to school in the fall (fingers crossed) I don't have any idea what kind of time I will have...and there are days I feel like a complete idiot and I'm sure it reflects in what I post...hopefully, someone will need a laugh that day! Hope you're having a great week!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say hi--I've been such a slacker :)

Aubrie said...

There's an award for you at my blog!

joven said...

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