Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm A Little Bit 'Funny'...

There are only two kinds of blogs that I read...
the blogs of my followers..
(I figure if someone found my blog interesting enough to 
follow it...then we probably have 'something' in common)
and these are really and truly some
of my ALL-TIME favorite blogs!

Then there are a very small handful of
blogs that I have read for years...
I don't follow them..they don't follow me...
and I never comment on those blogs.

For one thing...I'm a little bit 'funny' 
because I won't leave a comment on a blog
that I think might be 'manned' by someone other
than the author
( might not even be written by the original 
author anymore for all I know).

A few years ago, I was reading one of the first
blogs I ever 'followed'...though not 'officially'...
and the author confessed that she
had gotten sooo busy
that she was now having her niece doing most
of her correspondence, 
monitoring the blog comments...
and even writing blog posts from time to time.

Maybe the niece was just 'taking dictation'
and writing what the artist was actually saying...
I stopped reading the blogs after that.

So when I run across a blog that
is so popular that they get 100s of comments
on each post...
I just don't comment...
no matter how interesting I might find the post.

I'm just 'funny' that way.


The Words Crafter said...

I understand what you mean...but I haven't ever thought about whether anyone different is running the blog....hmmmm....

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Well..with the blog I'm referring to...I had just started selling art on eBay..and discovered there were these things called 'blogs' visiting a certain, very popular, artist on eBay website.
She had a blog and I was rather 'hooked'...she gave hints and tips...advice..etc. about selling art over the internet.
Then I found her MySpace, where she revealed, that she was so busy that she had hired her niece to do most correspondence, comments and even some posts.

For some reason..I felt a little 'deceived' or something. And though it was nothing 'personal or spiteful'...I realized I wasn't visiting her blog as much...and eventually not at all.

I guess.."I'm just funny that way."

Julie Kendall said...

It would have never crossed my mind that someone else was writing anothers blog. It does ponder the question of whats the point ....kinda think of blogs as being personal to the author with out the need for a ghost writer..........can see why you would feel like you did, think i would feel a bit flat too, esp if it was someone i really admired and looked up to and then found out it wasnt them.
But as you say there no real harm or spite......just left feeling a bit deflated.
I do like reading around blog with all things some of it interesting, some strange and wonderful and some...well.....a page not to read again. Theres just so many things to find:O)

Jo said...

I'm with you. I feel uncomfortable and almost silly leaving comments on blogs that have 100s of comments. That being said, one day when I come visit your blog and there are 100s of comments, I'd still feel comfortable leaving one. I'm 'funny' that way. ;)

Hope you're having a great weekend!
I have a little award for you over at my blog. :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I think I had a little 'hero worship' or something going on...back in the day.
I remember wondering, "how in the world does this gal manage to paint so many paintings, and do all the other work that goes into selling art online?"
Perhaps I should have been more sympathetic...knowing there are only so many hours in the day...but, I felt a little 'cheated'. are just so sweet...and you have 'inspired' me to make a huge effort to worry less and be thankful more...:)
I'll hop on over to your blog and see what you have for me!