Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's June 18th...

On June 18th..
my day is mostly about memories.
It is the day my dear husband
lost his fight with cancer.
June 18,'s been three years now,
but it doesn't seem all that long ago.

I put together a video
on the first year anniversary of his passing...
and I've blogged about it every year since.
So...once again.....

I went out and looked at my very first blog post..
it was back when the family artists were all together in one group...
we had agreed to be the Nebraska media reps'
for Paul Newman's 'Hole in the Wall Gang'...
as reps' we needed to put up a blog...
I think it was supposed to be a national effort...
don't know that it every came together as such though. was then that I had my first 'taste' of
blogging...and the date of my first post was
June 19, 2005.

I thought I would post a link case anyone is

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