Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art for Cancer

I know that most everyone who
follows me...both in CMZ art and Rustic Goth...
are familiar with this particular piece.'s one of the few pieces I have also
listed over in my Imagekind Shop.

Imagekind is much like
The artists upload an image that is large enough to
accommodate prints of various sizes and on various mediums...
for instance...
it is possible to get this print on 8 x 10 Fine Art Paper...
get it matted and framed in a 16 x 18.5" frame...
get it on 8x10 canvas...or 8x10 canvas framed...
it's even available as a Greeting Card.

At this point...this is the only print that I have submitted for
Art For Cancer
but...I want to do some totally Brand New
never before seen pieces
exclusive to the next week or so...

then...I want to include ALL of my prints as part of the
Art for Cancer group
with 50% of all sales going to a couple different
cancer charities.
Right charity is
'Cancer Funds of America'
to help cancer patients purchase necessities not usually
covered by insurance, medicaid and other

If you are in the 'market for some new art'
I recommend you visit
Imagekind and see all of the wonderful
art pieces available through the
Art for Cancer group!

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