Thursday, June 25, 2009

Art Supplies

When I first started selling my art on eBay
in 2004,
I purchased all of my supplies
through local outlets.

One of the shops we patronized
was our local Dick Blick Art Supply.
But, it wasn't always possible to
get the canvas sizes we most preferred
and even waiting for shipments
didn't guarantee that we could get what we wanted.

So we decided to see
what was available online.
We discovered Blick Art Materials online.

Wow, the online prices were
way under what we'd been paying...
a 'no-brainer' there...
we began shopping online.

We didn't always spot the sales though...
and we missed out on a lot
of great deals.

I've placed this "Hot Deals" link - Online Art Supplies

on the sidebar of this blog...
just click it and it will take you to the
"Hot Deals of the Week".

This week they are having a
"Huge Clearance Sale"
and you can save up to 85%
on some of their items.

Go ahead and check it out! - Online Art Supplies

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