Friday, June 12, 2009

I am 'everywhere'... least, that is what it feels like.
I started selling my art online in 2004.
Back "in the day"... I sold on eBay...
but, I thought it necessary to join several other sites
and groups....not really sure why...but, I'm still with most of
those groups and sites.

There's Art Wanted ...
..the first image uploaded there was September 7, 2004.
I really need to pay that site more attention...I
have enjoyed being there.

Art by Us
I signed up there in January 2005.
I sold quite a few paintings
when I first started listing there...unfortunately
the site just never took hold...and now
most of the sales there seem
a bit 'suspect' to me.
(That's just my opinion, of course...)

I'm over at Art.Com
been there since 2005.
Basically...there, I just submit my images...
they make the sales and send me a
commission once or twice a year.
Nothing I can live on...but, hey...I'm not doing the work either.

There's my EBSQ Portfolio
I've combined my CMZart and Rustic Goth pieces there
since it costs me money every month...
been there since 2004...
almost all of the art I've listed online is
in my portfolio there.
(I didn't quite understand how to use it at first...
and deleted quite a few of my early pieces.)
And..lately, I don't always 'remember' to upload
my pieces like I used to...I need to get better at that.

Anyway....when I 'google' myself...I find
it rather fun to see all the places
I have 'stuff' going on.

The image on this post is linked to 'ThisNext' ...
(if I did it right)
I don't even know how I ended up

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