Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still 'chillin'

I'm still 'chillin'....well, actually
I'm working my 'be-hind' off...just not so
much on art.
I've written a bunch of articles..
I'm almost done with the classes I've been taking..
but, mostly I'm just trying to
get a 'handle' on everything.
Jaime's trying to 'talk' me into
re-opening my
CMZart Etsy Shop...
..but, I've still got to do the books...
to see if it would be a prudent move.
(yes, I should have them done by now..
but, I'm afraid it will depress me I keep
putting it off.)
So...I'm still 'chillin'..trying to decide
which move is to my best 'interest'.

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