Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good neighbor/ Bad neighbor

I finally TOOK the time to visit
some blogs.
It's very easy to get 'lost' in your worlds..
and lose all track of time. I guess it's one of
the reasons I don't visit as often as I would like.
I enjoy peeking into the lives and
thoughts of someone else...which is somewhat
'odd' for me.
I have NEVER paid attention to what
goes on in my neighborhood and I couldn't even
tell you who has moved into the house directly across the street..
The house had a 'for rent' or maybe it was a 'for sale' sign...I
didn't really pay attention..and I only noticed that there was a sign,
because I had to go out to get my mail, and there it was.
Wow...I didn't even realize the house was vacant!
Some might think me indifferent...
but I'm not..not really!
I just have Never been a 'nosy neighbor'.
Maybe I think 'it's none of my business' what my
neighbors are 'up' to...
but, I do get along nicely with those neighbors
that I have met,
...though the guy who lives right next door
did ask me to consider cutting down the tree in my front yard...
what a 'weird' request!
Sorry that the branches are getting close to your roof...
I just 'rent'.....and besides...if the tree is cut down...
I'm going to 'bake' all summer!
Okay...that's why I don't 'mingle' with the neighbors...
there always seems to be someone
who has a 'complaint' of some kind.
my grass had some yellow spots..very small and almost 'un-noticeable'
but, the lady next door was worried that
I had some kind of 'pest' that she didn't want infesting
her yard and thought I should get an 'expert' out to see what it was...
another neighbor who wanted us to
move our 'treated wood posts' that we used in our
seasonal craft business...
to the other side of our garage.
He was afraid it might attract
carpenter ants...and he didn't want his home to
get over-run with carpenter ants..

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