Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Fun Post

I HAD to clean out My Documents...
my laptop has just been 'horrid' lately and when
I checked ... more than 2/3d's of my
GBs were in use....YIKES!
So...I spent the whole night
last night...going through ALL of the files
in My Documents...
and got a Whole GB back! my 'laptop cleaning'
I found this list...
and decided to 'share'.
I thought it was rather 'fun'.

Ten years ago:
1. I was working for a major Insurance Company, issuing life insurance policies.
2. I had just moved back to Nebraska from Wyoming.
3. My youngest son was just going into Junior High.
4. My husband and I were getting ready for a busy craft show season.
5. I still felt 'invincible'.
On today's "To Do" list:
1. Pick a room..any room...and clean it! (I'm living in 'filth')
2. Mail out a replacement necklace for one of my pendants
3. Start zipping 'My Pictures' on my laptop
4. Write 1 article about art
5. Catch up on a couple of blog posts
Snacks I enjoy:
1. Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen
2. Toasted English Muffins with Peanut Butter
3. Bacon Crackers with Old English Cheese Spread
4. Lightly salted celery with Old English Cheese Spread
5. Golden Delicious Apples with Fat Free Caramel Dip

If I were a millionaire:
1. I'd buy my own home
2. I'd help my children buy homes (reasonably priced of course)
3. Help some folks who don't have homes
4. Buy some bonds for the grandbabies
5. Buy a car
Places I have lived:
1. Nebraska
2. Iowa
3. Tennessee
4. Wyoming
5. California


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