Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is Art?

Who decides just 'what is art'?

That's a pretty good question!

You've got the snobby 'experts' that we see on

different TV programs...or maybe we've met them in

person...who seem to think that anything painted

beyond The Rennaisance Era..isn't really art.

Others that believe fine art

can only be produced as a result of

an education in fine art.

And..on and on...And ON!

Who can say??

I'm sure the art 'experts', if there were many, during

the 1920's and 30's depression era...

never expected any 'tramp art' to amount to much

more than a nice decoration on

a kindly church going spinster's night stand.

And yet...

much of the tramp art salvaged from that era,

in excellent condition..

goes for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Who knew???

I am reminded of a 'Designing Women' episode I saw

some, quite a few, years ago.

The 'women' were attending an art showing..

Julia set her purse on a stand

and it was 'declared' by the "expert"

as fine art!

Now...I found the picture above, which is

the purse that King Hussen, of Morocco,

gave to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy,

during her visit in 1963.

I'm pretty sure it's valuable, whether or not it considered as 'art'.

The gold purse is embellished with Real

Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds

So...who can say???

There are so many darned experts out there these


I say...if you like can say

whether it's art

or it's not!

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