Sunday, March 8, 2009

Perhaps I've lost my mind!

First off, let me tell you, that
as cute as this picture is...
I can't take credit for it. cute as it is...I had to borrow it!
That's kind of the way
it is with me and money
these days.
It seems I'm averaging about a quarter a sales..
when I need, at least, 300 quarters.
So..I look at my 'money' and say...
"I has a what I do wif it?"
I know the economy sucks...
I know that I couldn't even 'buy' a job right now...
I know I would NEVER go on public assistance..
so...what's a person to do??
I guess...whatever they can!
I'm making pendants...and some real beauties...if I must say so myself!
Maybe we'll get lucky and..
hit the jackpot!!
You just keep on keeping on..
that's about all any of us can do!

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