Monday, March 16, 2009

An Etsy Scare

In the year + that I have been selling on Etsy..
it has always been my understanding that
my Etsy bill was due on the 15th!

With that in mind...I was completely taken back
to log into my Etsy shop...late on the 14th
to see this notice!

What it says is,
"Hi (account name),
Your account has become past due in the amount of $xxx.xx.
Please pay your bill now.
Etsy relies on the fees paid by our sellers to maintain
the website and continue growing the marketplace.
If we do not receive payment in full, your Etsy account will
be suspended."

Now...for anyone who does not sell on may not know
that, until could not pay for an amount
less than $1.00. the had 3 or 4 months to get all paid up...without
the threat of suspension.

So...if you get an 'alert' like this...not being in the 'normal timeframe
of suspension''s pretty alarming.
I'm not a 'forum' visitor, unless something 'like this' pops up.
I go out to see if anyone else has experienced a similar

Oh my...the forum was 'a-buzzin'!
So many...many sellers with an 'overdue bill of less than a dollar'
getting this notice...
needless to say...
"all hell was breaking loose!"

But...there was one seller in particular that caught my attention.
They 'appeared' in EVERY single thread that
was discussing the 'Etsy Bill' debacle.
And...pretty much...appeared like some sort of
'Etsy Police'
...more or less 'scolding' anyone who complained about the
appearance of this notice...repeating the complaints and then kind of
'be-littling'...and pretty much being 'ignored' until one
could take it no more!

I'm sorry...but, I really had to 'laugh' at one seller's response...
it went something like...
"XXXX do you have EVERYONE on Etsy's password? You seem
to know a lot about everyone else's business!"
And...they went on to continue scolding...

The 'scolding' did make me laugh...
but what I thought was funniest was that...
while this seller was 'quoting' almost every single
post...then adding a snarky comment...
this was the ONE post they didn't care to 'quote' or 'comment' on!

I'm sorry...but, I thought it
was funny as hell!

Oh yeah...maybe Etsy was looking to 'light some fires'
I'm not sure...
but, no one's shops are being closed
for 60 to 90 days.
And..only if they don't pay their
overdue bills.

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Anonymous said...

I got that too and wasn't happy about it. I owed like 42 cents and was always told if it's under 1.00 you can't pay. I sent them an email and asked why a notification wasn't sent out or something. I got the generic response that they had just made the change and they would send out an update soon---which is after the fact!