Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I need to take a 'chill pill'.

I have been - 'oh so stressed' lately -
I really need to 'take a chill pill'...I think the
kids are still saying that..aren't they?
It is really..really hard to depend
on the sale of art and prints online. Especially when
you consider the state of our economy.
I guess the didn't coin the term..
'starving artist'
for nothing.
Anyway..I will continue to 'plug away'..
do what I can to make sales..
and hope for the best.
In the meantime..
I've decided to write, yet another,
This time it will be purely
for entertainment purposes..
perhaps just my own entertainment..
but, as long as it helps me
then I'm 'cool with it'.
I sound like such a dork.. :)
Anyway, I'll post a link soon as I have it all set up.
Oh the way...
I've added my little
'Twitter' thingy
to my blog...go ahead and follow
me if you want...I'll follow you back..
how's that?!!
Isn't the baby hedgehog picture


Jerry Adams said...

Oh, I've got you one better!

Who needs chill pills anymore, when you can have one of these:

cvw159 said...

Such a cute hedgehog! You brought a much needed smile my way! : )

Anonymous said...

Cute picture!
Things will get better--I hope! :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks for all your comments. Jerry, yours just made me laugh!
Thanks to all.

I saved the picture of the cute little hedgehog for a time that I needed a smile...he's just tooo adorable, isn't he?!!!