Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting through the 'tough' times.

Getting through the tough times, for a lot of us, means
we're taking money out of the piggy bank,
rather than putting it in.
I robbed my piggy bank quite a while ago and
if I 'tighten the belt' any tighter, I'm literally going
to cut myself 'in two'.
I was 'talking' to someone online earlier, who asked
if my business had been affected by the economy.
Her business was down more than 60% from this same
month one year ago.
Wow, is that all?
You know, I am one who does believe in the 'laws of attraction'...
and I believed this long before I'd heard
about 'The Secret'..
certainly those people I knew who were
always smiling and happy about everything,
seemed to 'have all the luck'.
I worked with someone a few years ago (and I'm not
kidding about this) who literally won pretty much
every drawing our company had,
for several years running.
She won trips, a large screen T.V.,
money, airline tickets, and more
than I can even remember.
Now, I would win drawings, occasionally..
you passes,
dinner at the Outback,
company T-shirts and once I even won
a DVD/VCR --I'm still using it,
though the DVD player quit working
years ago.

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