Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Photo Editing

This is a picture of a painting I did this
last year. I am thinking that I want to turn
it into a print, but I need to do a few things
before I can do that.
I started working with a few photo editing
programs last year. But, there are a couple
that I use more than others.
The program I use most often is GIMP.
It works very much like Photoshop, (another program
I use regularly)
but I find it better for some applications.
It's a free download and you can
find a lot of 'how-tos' on You Tube,
to help you get a faster start.
Another of my favorite photo editing programs
is, Picnik.
They have a bunch of wonderful
fonts on this FREE site, that I use when creating
banners...I used their fonts
to create the banner for this blog. I think it
is really cool!
It allows you to size, color and place the
font where-ever you want it.
Then, you can 'copy' the exact wording, over
the top of what you've just placed, and tweek the color
a bit, to give it somewhat of an 'embossed' effect.
Check my banner to see this example.
Anyway, I just wanted to share a couple of the programs
I use to create new art...the best part is...the only
paid program I use is the Photoshop..and I can get the same--PLUS
with the free programs.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info and help. I got my banners redone at least for the time being. I also have a lot to learn! :)