Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm back online!

I'm back online but, my computer is still running slower than I'd like. I probably need to spend some time deleting what I don't really need to see if that would help.

So, I spent way too much time on the phone with the cable company. I tried to tell them I thought I needed a new router. After more than a week of regular phone calls, they sent someone out. I was right. I needed a new router. Hopefully this will take care of things for a few months...I wish I could hope for a longer period of time...but, that is usually not the case.

I did make some decisions for my CMZ Art Etsy Shop though. I'm taking it back to the original direction I had for the shop when I first opened it.
I'm doing more prints...fewer manipulation...and I even added a few paintings for custom art. I selected a few paintings that I can do quickly so, turn around time on those pieces shouldn't be more than a few days to a most.

I don't have enough space to paint canvases that I can't move quickly. That is the main difference I have found between eBay and Etsy. About 90% or more of my original paintings sold right away on eBay, so I seldom had more than a couple of paintings sitting in my studio for more than a week at any one time. But, after four years of working this way, I was beginning to feel more like a 'painting factory' than an artist.
If I move the custom art quickly enough on Etsy, I will probably paint a few paintings that I can offer for immediate purchase.

The picture in this post is taken from one of my original paintings then, manipulated in photoshop to give it a completely different look! I really LOVE the outcome!!!

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