Monday, March 3, 2008

Feeling 'under the weather'

There is a nasty flu bug running rampant....and I think I may have 'attracted' it. I just feel kind of 'yuck'.

My daughter in law came home sick with it I didn't have the grandbabies...a good thing for all of us. My son stayed home, to take care of his sick little I imagine he'll need caring for next.

I purchased some of those detox through your feet pads...Avon had them on sale, so I decided to try them. I then, forgot about them...again..the whole 'yuck' thing...but, my oldest daughter gave them a go. She swears she feels better after once use...but says, "they are so NASTY when you remove them"...maybe I'll give them a try. I need to feel better!

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