Friday, August 26, 2011


I don't have a lot of new 'stuff' in any one category
in my CMZart Zazzle Shop
but I have quite a lot of 'stuff'
in general.

It's a little hard...with one Etsy Shop,
a Bonanza Shop,
a Fine Art America Shop,
3 Zazzle Shops,
3 Blogs,
and a few other shops and and there...
to set aside all the time I need for just one.

My Etsy Shop takes most of my time..
as it is my busiest shop...
but I like a challenge..
and I like keeping
I do what I can...when I can..
with my other shops.

I have sketched out a batch of designs for Christmas merchandise..
ornaments..and the such.
Hopefully I'll get them finished up in Photoshop
in time for the Holiday Shopping Season.

Oh yeah...and it's my birthday this week-end...
maybe I'll take that day off:)

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