Sunday, March 27, 2011

Skittle Update...

Since I spend so much time trying to teach my 'baby'
acceptable behavior...
I've got all kinds of stories I could tell.

I really do love this little 'sweetie'...
sometimes she's not really much of a 'sweetie'...
but I love her even at those times.

The first couple of times I took her outside...
she was just having 'none' of it.
She wouldn't venture more than six inches away from my feet.'s a whole different matter.
Problem is...I 'should' have a completely fenced in back yard
but I don't.

My darned neighbor decided to redo his fence...last summer/fall.
And it's still not done.
He wanted my landlord to allow the fence guys to drive their
trucks over my back yard...and my landlord said 'no'. of my back fence were 'moved'
so they could get back to my neighbors fence.
But..because there is only a concrete wall with poles
sticking out of it...
they won't put the fence back until his fence is done
So....Jaime and I took Skittles out the very first really nice day...
and it turns out...she now LOVES the outdoors.
She runs around in circles, rolls through the leaves
and tries to find a way to 'vex' me.
She found it...the little bit of fence behind my garage..
unbeknownst to me...
had also been removed...
and Skittles found it.

My gosh...she was nearly to the road before I caught her!!
I really wished my neighbor would hurry up and get his darned fence
put up...he's beginning to irritate me:(

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The Words Crafter said...

Ugh, some people. She sounds like she's a lot of fun though. I'm glad you're enjoying her. I might would get a leash until the fence is finished.....

Have a great week!