Friday, March 25, 2011

New Character Paintings

I've painted some new 'character' paintings that just
don't seem to "fit in" on my
Rustic Goth Etsy site...
even though that's where I have a couple of them
listed, at the moment.

This painting is titled...'Poppy'
and she's painted as an OSWOA
'Original Small Work of Art'
on a 4.5 x 6" piece of Acrylic Paper.

I also have 'Sunflower'
and one still untitled...featuring the little girl and a little boy.

As soon as I have some canvas paintings replace them..
I will be pulling the new character paintings
from my Rustic Goth Shop and putting them in my
CMZ Art Bonanza Shop.

I like doing these little pieces...
I just need to find them the right 'home'.

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The Words Crafter said...

And look how sweet she is!