Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Art Show of the Season

It has been a little 'difficult' on my body...
getting back into the arts and crafts shows.

My dear husband MUST have done most of the physical
work...setting up and tearing down...
all those years we did the shows together.

We started doing shows in the early eighties...
I hadn't done a show since 2004...so I had quite forgotten
the late hours doing 'finishing' work
the night before the show...the long hours of
'set-up'...getting our space
JUST right...

the VERY early hours (for me)
on show days..

but..in spite of it all...I am really enjoying it!

I love 'mixing' with the other artisans...
giving and receiving helpful tips and sound advice...
(we got SOOOO many comments from the other artisans...
saying we REALLY need to get into some Omaha shows...
we'll see.)

Here are 10 Things we have learned from the shows...

1. Try to have EVERYTHING ready a day or two before set-up.
2. Get to bed early, the night before the show...it is important
to be 'alert' enough to interact with others.
3. Don't judge the results of each show...just on show sales.
(We have sold a number of original paintings...as well as
commissioned paintings...through our Etsy Shops...
from folks taking our business cards at the show.)

4. Be 'open' to what others have to tell you...most of the time
they are just trying to help.

5. Don't get too excited when folks whip out their camera (or phone) to
take pictures of your 'stuff'...especially when they think you're not looking...
it's going to happen!

6. Have 'something for everyone'...at least in every price range..
not everyone brings hundreds...or even twenties..of dollars
to a show. Sometimes they've just come to 'look'...
and they're pleasantly surprised to come upon your space
and see how beautiful your 'stuff' is.

7. Be real! (This is important on sooo many levels.)

8. Share your experience with the
other artisans. If you think their 'stuff' is great
and would benefit from a larger audience..give them the benefit
of your own exposure.

9. Expect to do well...and bring a positive attitude.

10. Build a local following...and spread out from there.

So...we have just ONE more show
in 2009...

December 5th and 6th.

I look for it to be a
really GREAT show!
To all of the folks who have visited our booth
at the State Fair
all of the shows at the Event Center...
thank you!
We hope you have a wonderful
Holiday Season!

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