Sunday, November 22, 2009

CMZ Art....What's New?

I have been asked by several
if I am going to reopen my
CMZ Art Etsy Shop.
Sadly...I am not.
Perhaps it was the turn of economy,
but I couldn't maintain both shops and Iopted
to keep the Rustic Goth Shop,
since it was doing better.
I still do business as CMZ Art
though...on Zibbet.
Presently I only have prints available
there, however....
I will be posting original tree paintings,
poppy paintings
and other 'nature-inspired' paintings
as early as next week.
We only have one
art show left to do this year...
(getting ready for the shows have taken most
of my time the past few months)
and since I do like to keep myself busy,
I will be doing some original
paintings especially for CMZ Art.

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Jo said...

Those shoes of yours on zazzle are adorable!!