Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cafe Press

You know how you get kind of
"tunnel vision"?

Or maybe 'single-minded' is a better description.

At any rate...first it was eBay...
and I was "all into" eBay.
I painted (pretty much round the clock)
and listed everyday...
and started all over again
EACH and EVERY day!

It wore me down!

So...recently I decided to clean out some of the sites
I had 'favorited'...
and ran across my "Cafe Press" site.

I noted that I've had this shop since
December of 2006
and have never sold even one item. wonder...
I hardly have anything in the shop...
I rarely ever even mention it!

So...I decided to rename the shop...
CMZ Art.
And...set up a Rustic Goth shop as well.

Yes...I have both shops on Zazzle...
which is very similar...

I figured that if I commit to 2 shops...maybe I'll
actually work them harder.

1 comment:

sanda reynolds Mullingar,Ireland said...

I just discovered your beautiful blog through Darla's one. I LOOOOVE your creations! Wonderful!
I now follow your blog.
Hugs, Sanda xx