Saturday, October 4, 2008

Would they let me do THIS at a 'real' job?

I wonder...would 'they' let me do this
at a "real" job....

Get up at noon (or 2)

Spend my first two hours at 'coffee break'

Work 30 minutes...

time for another 'coffee break'

Check and see what's on TV

Surf the net'

Work another hour or so

'Coffee break'

Run a few errands

Fix a quick dinner

'Surf the net'

Watch some prime time TV

Work another 30 minutes or so, unless I am 'involved' in TV

Watch what I 'Tivo'd' while I "worked"

'Surf the net'

Watch some more TV

Go to bed

Turn on the TV

Sleep a bit

Get up at noon (or 2).
I'm having my problems 'adjusting' to spending
so much time by myself.
Hopefully I'll 'get it together' soon!

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