Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh my gosh...'s three o'clock in the afternoon and I'm still in my pajamas. I got so busy I forgot that I hadn't actually gotten dressed yet...I'm surprised one of the grandbabies hasn't noticed.

I've been doing as much self promoting as I can...with my limited understanding of how everything works in the vast expanse of the universe of the world wide web.

I'm having to learn everything myself...on my own...without really knowing what I'm doing.

All of the 'how-tos' seemed aimed at building wealth..etc...

I'm trying to make enough money to pay my necessary bills...not looking for any 'get rich quick' methods or anything like that.

I didn't 'grow up' with the computer or the, it's all pretty new and foreign to me.

Hopefully I'll be able to do it before I'm ready for my rocker!

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