Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the season...

I know this is the season for sharing, caring, reflecting, loving, giving....and I think it should be.
For me...I'm still working hard at trying to 'get in the spirit'...maybe I will...maybe I won't.
I found this wonderful image on an ephemera site, after doing a lot of searching. I wanted to find something vintage..and quite sweet. This just seemed to 'fit the bill.' Already I feel more festive.
It's going to be a very slim Christmas this year...not much I can do about that! But, I do look forward to the family get togethers...always on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas, my children...and their children...gather at my house.
I think I'll probably do very few new paintings until next year....instead, I'm going to work on 'finding my spirit'...I'm sure it's here somewhere!

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