Saturday, December 1, 2012

FairytaleZ 'N FantasieZ is now open.

Before all of the craziness on October
I had begun to put together a new shop...
mainly art for kids' rooms and nurseries.

I thought...wisely, I might add...I would wait
to see what was going on at Etsy
before I put anything 'live' in the new shop.

Instead...I decided to open
on Artfire.

Let's face it though...even with all the changes on Etsy...
which I might add that I'm not exactly
fond of...
it still seems to get more traffic
than the other sites I am trying
at least for my 
Rustic Goth shops. be fair to the other sites...
I've had five years to build a following on Etsy...
back before all the changes...
and the traffic may be coming from the folks'
who favorited my Shop there.

At any rate...I wanted to open similar shops on Etsy
and Artfire...since it now comes down to
SEO rather than renews and relists...
and I am promoting both shops...equally.

Now...we'll see what happens...

but for anyone who is interested in some
'happy' art...
I do have a coupon code for my Etsy Shop...
it is

Use it at check out and receive 25% off your entire order.

I will be listing new items Every Day for the next few weeks.

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