Saturday, November 24, 2012

TopHatter Auctions and CMZ Art

I recently joined TopHatter
having learned about it through Artfire
and sold my 'Alice in Wonderland - Encore' print set in the
"Thanksgiving with Artfire"
auction at Tophatter on Thanksgiving morning.

Because I am new to TopHatter
and will have to establish myself through sales and feedback,
I am only able to schedule one or two auctions per week and
I have already reached my limit.

I will, however, be posting auctions for three Original Small Works of Art,
little acrylic paintings on 140# Watercolor Paper,
as soon as I am able.
The first auction will be for the above painting,

The next will be for

And the finally,

I will be posting the auction schedules on my
as they are scheduled, which will link directly
to the auctions in which they are scheduled.

Once these paintings are sold, I will make the prints available
in my 'Sugar 'N Snails' 
Artfire Shop.

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