Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Honey Badger products on Zazzle

The video that is going around everywhere,
Honey Badger,
really made me laugh.
It does have some 'language' so be prepared
if you decide to watch the short video.

I guess the popularity of the videos
created a demand for
Honey Badger products...
and with the election upon us..
I couldn't resist creating a few myself.

I did this t-shirt
and I'm waiting for other
non-apparel items
to upload...
with the same design.

I've got a couple more
Honey Badger
ideas that I'll be working on in the next
day or two.

Check my Zazzle Store
to see what else I do with this
nasty little creature:)
As soon as I'm ready to move
the items from the
New Products section...
I'll be giving them their own
Honey Badger section.

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