Friday, January 27, 2012

What I've been 'up' to...

I'm so busy doing my art...of course...
but now I'm also a Distributor
of a Health/ Nutrition Product that is
hands down
the best I have ever tried.

I've been taking the product since September and it has been
most importantly...I feel great...
and with each birthday that comes and goes...
I've been worried I'll start feeling my age.

That hasn't really happened since I've been 
taking the shakes and the vitamins.

So...I'm now offering a few of the products
on eBay...
and while I'm at it..
I've included a few
original art prints
to go along with them.

I'm having to offer the products at stay compliant with the company...
but anyone who is interested
and wants to learn how to get it at wholesale/ preferred customer prices
or Free...
just go to this link.

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