Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Last Few 'CRAZY' Weeks

It really HAS been Crazy around here the past few weeks...
and it all started with my computer going down.

During a Sale no less...

I ended up all flustered...trying to get the shipping out
before it was too terribly late...once I got it back.
Then...a huge shipping 'snafu' and loads of emails asking where
packages were...

That problem finally solved...but got 4 neutral feedback as a result...
(I don't know why...the postage was PAID on September 2nd...but the packages
were not located and postmarked until the 14th...made it look like
I wasn't telling the truth...
but I REALLY...Really..was!)

Anyway...that's finally cleared up...
then I lose my Cable/ internet for a day and a half...
and was pretty much told that this is going to be an on-going issue
unless I want to cut branches out of two trees in my back yard...
so I'll have to 'suck it up'.

My dryer finally Gave up...and now I need to replace it!

The first show of the season...oh memories of doing
that show in the past were so different.
We ended up losing money on it!
Oh and learn!

We've committed to four shows...same ones we did last year...
and those 'should' be pretty good.
I've been so busy doing new items especially for the shows...
I've listed a few of the Scrabble Tile pendants..
(something I've never had in the shop before)
in my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop.
I'm really pleased with how they are coming out...
so I'll be adding new pendants on a regular basis.

We've got a few other NEW items that we're doing for the shows
and I'm hoping to list a few of those
in the coming days/ weeks.

But...that is my Crazy few a 'nutshell'.

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