Sunday, September 5, 2010

CMZ Art...1000 Markets and a new printer

My Rustic Goth Etsy Shop
is my primary source of income...
so, of course, it takes about 95% of my time.

I'm pretty happy with this shop and it takes a lot of hard work
to keep it fresh and current.
This being said...
I 'finally' made a sale through my 1000 Markets Shop 
and discovered that the process is really quite different.

For one thing...1000 Markets goes through
which I do love...since Amazon has such a great
buyer protection in place.
I know...because we've purchased a few
'big ticket' items through Amazon...
we got our Pixma Pro Printer a few years ago..
now I'm saving my 'pennies' to get another one.

I've decided to just leave my 1000 Markets sales in Amazon
to help me pay for it.

For one thing...a new printer would cut my shipping times in half...since
I could do them as I need them, instead of having
to impose on Jaime to try to fit my printing into her extremely busy schedule.
So...I'm going to be promoting CMZ Art...1000 Markets...
and the other CMZ Art sites
a lot more often through this blog...
and my new
CMZ Art Facebook Page.

My Facebook page doesn't have much on it...yet!
I know I should have waited until I have more time
to really 'buff' it out...
but..I'm beginning to think that having more time
is just an 'elusion'.


The Words Crafter said...

Don't know if this will work or not. Blogger is telling me Error something. Anyway, congrats on the sale. I'm saving up for some Christmas shopping. I may buy from both sites :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Like with Words Crafter, Blogger seems to have it in for me.

Congratulations on your first sale. Your artwork is extraordinary.

Thanks for visiting my blog and following. High profits for you in the future. Roland