Saturday, May 15, 2010

My "Me" Day

It's 'me' day.
Yes...I have a 'ton' of work that really
needs to be done..
I also have a need to spend quality time with myself.

I actually get way more done during the week 
when I take a little time to spend with myself
on Saturday.

Every other Sunday is 'family day'.
Five of my six children..and their families
come over and we 'do' dinner.
This started with their dad.
He was a 'chef' by trade...and so did most of the
His favorite thing though, was cooking for the family.

So as the kids grew up and moved out on their own..
well (most of them anyway)
he started with Sunday Brunch
which morphed into Sunday Dinner..
and it was the one day of the week
we all got together.

In the four years that he has been gone, I've had
to take the Every Sunday and turn it
into every other Sunday.
It's a little easier for much as I love
my family...sometimes my house just seems a little
too small for 15 people. 'me' day is almost
I'd best be trying to get the very most out of what is left.


The Words Crafter said...

My most cherished memories come from traditions like you have. I miss them. And I'm glad you have time set aside just for you...I think today I could spend just sleeping, lol. Have a great week!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Now I need to work on...NOT feeling 'guilty' to take these 'ME' days.
Though to be honest, there's not a lot I can do at the moment anyway.

The Words Crafter said...

I every one of my EDU classes, we were taught that it's better for us to get us a break, time to breathe, a fresh perspective...otherwise we burn out, lash out, and crash, soon resenting what we used to love and look forward to...think of it as being fortunate...people love what you create...most people get to schedule vacation, sick, and personal days in addition to weekends, so....does that help?

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I have 'decided' that my 'me' days are as essential to my well being as creating and everything else that goes along with the things that make up most of my days.
Perhaps I just need to get 're-organized'...I think the guilt comes because I'm not getting accomplished, what I want to, during the week.