Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Learning About Licensing

Every year...after the busy holiday season..
we all experience such a slow down in business
that it gives one 'pause to wonder' if
things will 'ever' pick up...

and these times can be 
very 'trying' on the soul...

so this year I decided that..
rather than to fret and worry
(I gave 'worry' up for Lent)
that I would instead turn to new
ways to 'expand' my business
in the markets available.

Being first on eBay...and then on
Etsy and several of the other smaller sites..
which mean doing the art..the marketing..the shipping..the bookkeeping..etc..
all by myself..

I've also got 'space' on sites like
which offers my prints
on Amazon
(see the links at the bottom of this post and my sidebar)
which mean that I create the image..
and they do all the work.

I get royalty type payments..
still..I have to do the work of putting my work
on the sites...and all that
goes with that.

So..I decided...since I'm not getting any younger...
that it would be a good time to 
learn about licensing my art.
I'm still in the 'beginning' stages
of learning..
but I am a fast learner.

I forgot to mention when I first published this post..
that my "go to" source in my
licensing education
is the Art Licensing Blog
by Tara Reed.

I'm finding a lot of useful information on
her blog...check it out!


Tara Reed said...

I love your Tuscan Villas and Poppies - very licensable! I license my art and love it - I'm not sure if you've been the to the site I created - where you can learn from many experts in the field. I wanted to be sure you did since you seem to be on a fact finding mission... Wishing you much success!

Tara Reed

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks Tara...I'm finding a lot of good information on your wonderful blog.
I recommend it to anyone who is looking to find more information about art licensing.
I do appreciate your note!