Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do you 'Zibbet'?

Ha....I thought that was a clever title...
Recently there were some 'problems' at Etsy that led to a
massive influx to Zibbet...
it actually 'crashed' (or at least...slowed to a crawl)
the Zibbet servers.
Most of Friday the Zibbet site was down
while they installed brand new servers.

This was actually pretty good news for they
sold over 200 premium memberships in 2 days...maybe even less time than that.
I don't think there were many people that actually 'left' Etsy
completely...but a huge number who decided they didn't
want to place all their 'eggs' in one Etsy Basket.

I remember when I did that at'm still
recovering from that mistake.

Anyway...Zibbet has a nifty site...I LOVE the looks of their
Premium accounts...

They have the Basic FREE accounts...which really are completely free.
You can list..up to 25 items...and everything you keep.

They're probably out of the $7 Monthly Premium Memberships by now...
but Premium Memberships are still available.

With the Premium Accounts you can...
have unlimited listings..
import listings from Etsy..
have a shop wide sale (with just one or two steps)
and so much more...

I spoke to the CEO of Zibbet...
(yes you REALLY can speak to him directly
and he REALLY does ANSWER you directly)
Jonathan Peacock..
and he tells me that when the $7 memberships are gone
the Premium memberships will go up to $8
(still a very good price)
for the next 500 accounts...
and then $1 increase for the next 500 accounts
and so forth.

I don't yet have a premium account..because I haven't 
conclusively decided what I want to do with CMZart...
(I've been so busy with Rustic Goth)
but..once I have it 'figured' out...I'm going to
grab one of those $8 accounts.

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Aarron L said...

That sounds really cool, I'll have to go check you out there. Thanks for the heads up!