Saturday, January 16, 2010

There Must Be An Easier Way

I've got a website ... or should I say...
a domain and a host
that have sat around pretty much
wasted for almost a year.

So..I decided that I would
create a website for CMZ Art
and for
Rustic Goth
and put them as 'sub-domains'
since I've purchased the domain and pay monthly
for the host...

...there really has to be a 'better way'...

I am not at all happy with the
site builder I've used for
 CMZ Art...
I really can't do what I want to do with it..
I really can't do much of anything with it.
And I can't even get the Rustic Goth
site to publish.

It's about time for the domain to
expire..hopefully it won't automatically renew through
my PayPal...and I'm not even sure where to go to
make sure it doesn't.
I've cancelled the host subscription...hopefully this will
take care of the domain renewal as well.

It looks like I'll be spending a few weeks doing
lots of research
to figure this all out.
I'm thinking I'll build a site on one
of those free sitebuilders
to get familiar with it before I pay for a new domain
and hosting...
we'll just have to see.

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