Monday, January 25, 2010

Art Print for Charity

I had been thinking for 'some time'
that I wanted to start doing some art prints
especially for charity.

Every year I do a painting and
send it to Chicago
to be auctioned off to help folks in the
Midwest..who are having
problems with housing, food and utilities.

(I was going to post a link to the event...
unfortunately there is a problem with the site I went to
and I ended up with a virus on my computer.
Took me ALL afternoon to get my computer
virus free...
not cool.)
So...I'm not including a link to that site.

Proceeds from the sale of my print
on Imagekind
goes to an Art for Cancer
to help cancer patients purchase items not
covered by insurance and other resources.
(I know from personal experience what many of these
out of pocket expenses are.)

I decided I would create an original digital illustration
every month...
especially for charitable giving..
with a portion of the sales from each of the
'charity' prints
going to a pre-specified charity.

The print shown above is titled...
it is the January print..
and for as long as the print is offered..
each time one of these prints sell..
half of the proceeds will be donated
to the
Red Cross.

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