Friday, October 30, 2009

Art Wanted

I haven't visited my Art Wanted site in

a while.

I don't offer any of my work for sale on that site

and I never have...

but I have been a member since I feel quite comfortable there.

It's a free site for artists...

Unless you want to sign up for their premium account...

I get lots of comments from the folks who visit there.

I received a request from the folks at

Property Ladder on HGTV (an early 'flip this house' type of show)

inquiring about some of my art work (back in 2005).

They wanted some of my pieces in larger sizes...

but I had to say 'no' husband was going through his

cancer treatments at the time...and I just didn't have the time.'s been a dandy little site for I thought I'd

pass that information along...

to any artist..photographer..or lover of art that might

want to check it out.

Just click on the little banner and it will take you right there!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

How flattering to have Property Ladder people want your art! Cool!
I didn't know your husband had to deal with cancer, so sorry.
Thanks for the link and it will be fun to browse!!
Have a happy halloween and thanks for your visit :)

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

It was flattering to have a TV show ask for my work...but rather 'daunting' at the same time.
Of course, my main concern was my husband's health...we spent a year doing all of the cancer stuff (surgery..chemo...radiation)..unfortunately, nothing helped.

And..I'm finally at a place (after 3 years) where I think more about creating and less about cancer and the destruction it causes!

I'm anxious to see what the 'grandbabies' will be for Halloween tomorrow..hopefully they'll have lots of fun!