Thursday, January 24, 2008

Changes at CMZ Art/ Etsy Shop

It might appear, at first glance, that I have sorely neglected my CMZ Art Etsy Shop.
Trust me, that is not the case.
I just wasn't happy with the direction I was taking it.
So, I have pulled more than half of the pieces I had listed there and I am slowly replacing them with pieces for which this shop was originally intended.
This colorful painting, 'The Gathering', is a piece I painted in 2005 and it has always been a favorite piece of mine. It sold very quickly. I've decided to produce some prints of this painting and offer them on Etsy, along with some other favorites.
I'm going to be very selective of the paintings and prints that I offer on this site from this point on.
I have also selected a few pieces, that I am very excited to be offering, painted by my late husband. I am going to offer only a few prints of his most popular paintings.
Be sure to watch for these!

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