Monday, October 4, 2010

I think I'm figuring it out....

It took me a few days...but I think I'm finally
figuring out

Actually...I sold a couple of items and the
kind person who purchased the items
was so sweet to offer a few suggestions of what
I might do to make this shop a little
easier to find.

How very sweet of her.

I wouldn't normally have opened a new shop anywhere
at this time of year..since I am always
busier than normal during the Fall Season...
but since I didn't really want to lose all the work I'd put into
the Shop at 1000 Markets...
and 1000 Markets was acquired by Bonanza...
I didn't really have much choice.

But..I might actually like being there..once I get it all figured out!

1 comment:

The Words Crafter said...

When I actually get some free time, I'm going over to check out the changes. Congrats on the sales, btw. Hope the shows do really well!