Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don't Come Knocking on my Door

I know this sounds sooo rude...but I just couldn't help myself.

It's Spring...and that means that already, the 'solicitors' are out
in force.
I've already had a bunch of them ringing my front door bell...
and I really don't have time to deal with them
this year.

Magazines are the WORSE....oh my gosh...I don't know where they get
these kids who will not take 'no' for an answer...
but...I've been burnt once...and that is enough.

There really is no getting your money back...
or getting your magazines either. 

I run into that with the school fund raisers too...
so I do only purchase from my grandchildren...although
I think it's 'criminal' that the schools use the 'prize' system to
get the kids to sell these highly overpriced items
to raise money for what they need.

And the prices...really...??
no one is going to sell 25,000 boxes of turtles
and win a WII System...
especially at $8.00 a box.
The prices that they usually end up winning
is a twenty five cent eraser
or a Yo-Yo that tangles up the first time they try to play with it.

But every kids walks out of that school, with their little catalogs
and order sheets in hand...
just certain THEY are going
to be the big winner!!
I don't like to disappoint the grandbabies,
so I usually end up ordering something.
And they usually end up with an eraser or a Yo-Yo!
I won't even go into the different religions that come to my
door...telling me that I'm going to Hell unless I convert
to their 'faith'.
I'm very open-minded and I think
everyone is entitled to their own beliefs...
Even Me!

So...I decided to make this sign...albeit a bit rude...
to save myself a little bit of aggrevation
in my busy life.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! :)
(p.s. I agree with your sign!)