Monday, February 15, 2010

ZOA Group Art Video

In 2005 the ZOA Group
was 'born'...
originally it consisted of..
my late husband (Patrick E. Zatloukal)
my son...(Patrick A. Zatloukal)
my daughter...(Jaime Zatloukal Best)
my son-in-law...(Mike Best)
and for a brief time..
my daughter...(Wendy Zatloukal Adams)
my daughter in law...(Becky Bartek Zatloukal)

When cancer took my husband in 2006..
the group went down
to myself..
Patrick A..
Jaime and Mike.

This little video is the art of
our 'shortened' group...
we have since
gone our separate ways...
and have taken the old
ZOA Group website down.

I am still so very proud of the
art sampling shown in this video
that I decided to go ahead and share...

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